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March 4, 2010

Grocery Bill

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I skipped Body Pump tonight because I was hungry & wanted to get to the grocery store.  I had already run 45 minutes & walked 15 minutes so I was happy with today’s exercise.  I went to the same grocery store as last week to pick up more yummy swiss chard, kale, & other goodies.  My goal was to spend $25-$30, but my credit card will show $107.  Eeeeeek!

very long grocery receipt

It started out very innocently in the produce department.  I purchased:

  • 2 golden beets ($2.36)
  • 3 avocados ($2.97)
  • bunch of kale ($2.29)
  • a bunch of red swiss chard ($2.69)
  • 3 lemons ($1.33)
  • a big bag of organic carrots ($2.49)
  • 5 pink lady apples ($4.02)
  • Total: $18.15

Perfect!  I always find it amusing when people say that eating organic & healthy is expensive.  You know how many meals I’ll make with those few items for the next couple of days?  Granted you need a few more other items to round out the produce, but I have in my fridge right now a huge bunch of swiss chard that cost me $2.69.  Boo-yah

Eating healthy becomes expensive when a person purchases the fun stuff.  I see lots of yummy products on food blogs which means I look for them during my next grocery trip. Today was the worst of them all.  It doesn’t help that this grocery store I now frequent has an amazing arrays of healthy fun goodies.  I also made the typical “Cat” mistake of talking on the phone while shopping which had me walking up & down the aisles throwing stuff in my basket.

The fun stuff loot:

  • 4 Raw Vanilla Macaroons (when the Fitnessista says something is a foodgasm she means it because I ate 2 of these bad boys & was moaning after each bite!)


  • Vegan Macrobiotic Thai Dumplings
  • Uber expensive hot chocolate (it was that or the uber uber expensive hot chocolate)
  • And about a lot of other random stuff for the fiance but those were the big boys

And that’s how I ended up spending over $100 in groceries tonight.   I like to tell myself that next time I won’t need to buy the cacao butter, jam, or Thai dumplings, but I usually end up getting a few extra items that aren’t on my list anyways.   I just won’t do enough damage as I did this time.  :)

Anyways, I ended up having some of the Thai dumplings + a salad for dinner.  It hit the spot!

swiss chard & red bell pepper salad topped with hummus & tahini with Thai Dumplings

**I guess I have to write a little disclaimer stating that none of the companies I’ve mentioned asked me to buy their food products today to review.  I bought them only on whim with my own money.  :)


  1. Every time I go grocery shopping, I ALWAYS spend more than planned. CD tells me stick to the list…only buy things on the list. Yeah, right. ;)

    I must say the cacao bliss is worth every penny!

    Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter — March 4, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

  2. I like fun stuff too, KitCat. No shame in it.

    Horst is not going to yell at you today for skipping Pump.

    Comment by EE — March 4, 2010 @ 11:07 pm

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